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Thanks Aussie dirtbike riders for clicking through to here!

First things first, for this we all have to put away the cynical, negative attitudes and thoughts that many of us have (and for good reason from the many years of seemingly continual negative dealings with the DELWP/ Forestry department) and instead try to reply to this respectfully and with valid points.

A large and enthusiastic response to this survey from dirtbike riders will most likely mean for the first time EVER single track riding for dirt bikes will be legitimised, and there’s no turning back from that!!!

Below are the reasons why we, as a collective group of Offroad riders, should all fill in the VicRoads Single Track survey, even though initially this relates only to a pilot program for the Neerim East forest near Warragul, Vic.:

  1. The Government is finally asking if Offroad riders want allocated single track riding, and why they want it. Now is when we need to respond seeing as they are willing to listen.
  2. We need to tell them the construction reasons why we prefer single track trails, such as, it is more challenging and enjoyable, much slower speeds are used than out on the roads, allows the rider to have a better sense of being in nature, there’s much less chance of collisions with other forest users, namely 4WD vehicles, etc.
  3. If one area of forest (Neerim East) is allocated with official designated single track, it will be much easier to convince government agencies to allow for more designated legal single track trails in other forests in Victoria and across Australia.
  4. This survey and pilot program ultimately came about by other forest riding opportunities being shut down by DELWP, with many of those users being corralled into riding at the Neerim East area that predominantly has only fire road trails. The large number of serious accidents there, and subsequent claims against TAC, made the Neerim East unloading area an official “Black Spot” area which forced VicRoads to become involved to investigate why it was and how to alleviate it. VicRoads have now recognized the need for a necessary amount of single track trails for dirtbikes users and have therefore (along with several others) got DELWP to change (maybe overiddden?) their previous operating mentality of closing all single track trails instead to now having the possibility of encouraging and creating single track riding areas.
  5. This survey is not a ploy by VicRoads/DELWP to find where the “secret” single track is so they can close it down easier (they already pretty much know where most of it is), and it’s not a ploy so as it can make it easier for the Police to find and catch you.
  6. This survey gives Offroad riders, as a collective group, the opportunity to say to the government that as a group we do exist and that we would like single track to be made legal for valid reasons. This gives us a voice in the government agencies, and shows for future reference that we are a large group of concerned citizens.
  7. Government issued official single track trail areas, and the precedent it creates, will make it easier for dirtbike groups/clubs to gain permission to conduct official events such as the A4DE and other Enduro events or Rally rides on single track trails in the forest. Currently that possibility in Victoria is pretty much nonexistent.
  8. It will help bring more riders into the sport by having easier access to legal riding areas, and help grow the sport by providing these legal riding areas that encourage “fringe” riders (the stereotypical Aussie bogan that just roosts around in car parks!) to experience a good amount of single track and recognize the challenge and personal satisfaction that comes with conquering such trails as opposed to just ripping the fire roads, and that will/should help them become more of a true enthusiast which leads then to being a more responsible and respectful dirtbike rider and forest user.
  9. We all need to take accountability for this unique opportunity for the future benefits of the sport. You need to share this survey with all of your current riding mates (and as many of your previous riding mates who might not ride any more but are still enthusiasts!) and then follow up with them and highly encourage them to complete this survey.

Here is the link for the survey: https://engage.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Neerimtrailbikes

It closes this Sunday, Apr 2.

And don’t forget once you’ve completed the survey please email dirtwise@shanewatts.com (use subject line – “Legal Single track”) to be put into the drawing to win one of 5 free DirtWise school spots ($400 value each), one of 3 sets of GoldenTyres ($250 each set), or one of 7 free DirtWise 4-pack Instructional DVD sets ($95 each 4-pack set). Those who have already replied to the survey in the past can also enter the prize draw. 

Keep on Roosting!

Shane Watts

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