Riding School Locations and Dates

Because our schools sell out very quickly, please fill out our Contact form if you wish to be notified immediately when registration opens for a particular school.

Please be patient and check back often… scheduling and logistics is very time consuming, with considerations needing to be made for demand, weather, local and instructor race schedules, as well as general life chaos!

Confirmed 2017 Schools


 –July 1/2 (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, Pontypool, ONT. Canada (Shane Watts: $460CDN/$100USD Deposit) – Cancelled

 –July 6/7 (Thur/Fri) – In Depth School, Ithaca, NY (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Cancelled

 –July 8/9 (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, Bethlehem, PA (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Sold Out – Wait List Open

 Check back for more confirmed 2017 schools!

Tentative 2017 School Locations

In an effort to provide riders with as much advance notice as possible, we have tentatively scheduled schools in the locations listed below.  The dates may change, but it is our intention at this time to serve the markets we have indicated.  Please check in often for notice of registration opening or receive an email notification from us by completing our Contact Us form to subscribe to email notifications. Thanks!

 –February 23/24 (Thurs/Fri) – In Depth School, Dallas, TX (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Postponed

 –February 25/26 (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, South Central Louisiana (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Postponed

In Depth School, Memphis, TN (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Postponed 2018

In Depth School, Oklahoma City (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Postponed 2018

In Depth School, Kansas City, MO (Shane Watts: $390/$100 Deposit) – Postponed 2018

Completed 2017 Schools

 — February 18/19 – In-Depth Class, Clermont, FL 

— February 25/26 – In-Depth Class, Chipley, FL 

— March 18/19 – In-Depth Class Rock Crusher Farm, Georgia

— March 31  (Fri) – Youth Race Techniques, Kittaning, PA

 –April 1/2  (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, Kittanning, PA 

 –April 15  (Sun) – Race Techniques School, Denver, NC 

 –April 27/28 (Thurs/Fri) – In Depth School, Price, UT  

 –April 29/30 (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, Milliken, CO 

 –May 1 (Monday) – Condensed In Depth School, Milliken, CO 

 –May 5/6 (Fri/Sat) – In Depth School, Yost, UT 

 –May 11/12 (Thurs/Fri) – In Depth School, Tulalip, WA

 –May 13/14 (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, Lebanon, OR

–June 3/4  (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, King George, VA

–June 5 (Mon) – Advanced Race Techniques school – King George, VA

–June 9/10 (Fri/Sat) – In Depth Class – Wrentham, MA

 –June 15/16 (Thur/Fri) – In Depth School, Crawfordsville, IN 

–June 17/18 (Sat/Sun) – In Depth School, Barryton, MI 

–June 24/25 (Sat/Sun) – In-Depth Class, Waterloo, IA 

Completed 2016 Schools

February 19 “Advanced” School Denton, TX

  • An awesome day in Denton with these students learning Advanced skills in great conditions! 

February 20/21 “In-Depth” School Denton, TX

  • Another great two days in Denton improving skills with heaps of learning and fun! 

February 20/21 “In-Depth” School Bushnell, FL

  • An awesome weekend with Jason instructing these students at a great venue! 

March 5/6 “In-Depth” School Young Harris, GA

  • Great School with heaps of fun and great weather conditions! 

March 12/13 “In-Depth” School Penhook, VA

  • An awesome 2 days with heaps of skills improvements at this awesome new location! 

April 16/17 “In-Depth” School Wrentham, MA

  • Awesome Sold Out two day school at this great location with heaps of Fun and skills improvements!

April 30/May1 “In Depth” School, Crawfordsville, IN

  • Mad rain on Day 1 resulted in a cancelled Day 2, but we got some great sliding in and still saw some great improvements.

May 6/7  “In Depth” School, Milliken, CO

  • Great conditions and a great group of students!

May 14/15 “In Depth School” Kittaning, PA

  • Mother nature had it out for us on this school with freezing temps, snow and rain… but the class pushed through and got stronger because of it! Some of the best opportunities for learning are in the worst conditions.

February 20/21 “In-Depth” School Price, UT

  • A big class with big improvements and great conditions!

May 26/27 “In-Depth” School Tulalip, WA

  • Fun times and a great deal of learning by all the students!

May 28/29 “In-Depth” School Tulalip, WA

  • Another class that saw great improvements in the 4 fundamentals!

June 4 “One Day Condensed In-Depth” School Westphalia, MO

  • A great new property and some intense learning by all the students, but it was a roaster!

June 11/12 “In-Depth” School Ottawa, IL

  • A little hot on day 1, but MINT riding conditions on Day 2 allowed for some measurable skills improvements for the class.

June 18 “One Day Condensed In-Depth” School Kuna, ID

  • A killer day in the desert with a small class made for some awesome riding and skills practice.

June 25/26 “In-Depth” School Daniel, WY

  • A fun bunch of students and a great location for some serious skills practice.

July 23/24 “In-Depth” School Three Forks, MT

  • Hot and dry but overall still a great school with lots of improvement.

December 3/4 “In-Depth” School Austin, TX

  • Great to be back in the good ‘ol USA! It was a bit wet but a great opportunity for the class to practice their sliding and grinding technique.  

December 8/9 “In-Depth” School Victorville, CA

  • An awesome class that really showed some great skill improvement on a higher level. A real pleasure to coach!

December 10/11 “In-Depth” School Sebastopol, CA

  • One of my favorite locations, and this class didn’t disappoint. A bit of rain and cool temps, and a great bunch of riders  made this class a really good time.

Completed 2015 Schools

January 9/10 “In-Depth” School St. George, UT

  • A great way to start out the new year with these awesome students in UT! 

January 10/11 “In-Depth” School Chipley, FL

  • Heaps of fun and skills improvements with these students in Chipley! 

January 25 “In-Depth” School Gardendale, AL

  • An awesome one day school with these students and Jason Thomas

January 31 “In-Depth” School Nacogdoches, TX

  • A great one day school with heaps of learning and great skills improvement! 

February 7/8 “In-Depth” School Dalton, GA

  • Great times and skills improvements with these awesome students! 

February 14/15 “In-Depth” School Smithville, TX

  • An awesome two days of roosting and instruction at this great location in TX! 

March 21 One-Day “In-Depth” School Laurens, SC

  • Great One day school with great weather conditions and awesome students! 

May 1/2 “In-Depth School Crawfordsville, IN

  • An awesome amount of improvement from the students in IN! Awesome Weekend!

May 8/9 “In-Depth” School Price, UT

  • Two sensational days in UT with awesome students to work with! 

May 15/16 “In-Depth” School Kittanning, PA

  • Heaps of fun with Jason Thomas and this group of students in PA!

May 15/16 “In-Depth” School Lebanon, OR

  • Great turnout and weather conditions for this school in OR. Awesome weekend! 

May 22/23 “In-Depth” School Tulalip, WA

  •  Heaps of fun and learning at an awesome venue! 

 May 30/31 “In-Depth” School Kansas City

  • Heaps of fun and skills improvements from these students at an awesome new location in MO! 

June 6/7 “In-Depth” School Tulalip, WA

  • Another awesome class at a great location in WA! 

June 12/13 “In-Depth” School Damascus, MD

  • A hot two days but some great learning for these riders near Washington D.C. 

June 18/19 “In-Depth” School Pincher Creek, Alberta

  • An awesome start to our Schools in Canada. With heaps of fun and awesome students to work with.

June 20/21 “In-Depth” School Pincher Creek, Alberta

  • Another great day at an awesome location in Pincher Creek 

June 26/27 “In-Depth” School Crow Canyon, OH 

  • A great two days of learning and skills improvements from the students in OH! 

July 10/11 “In-Depth” School Wrentham, MA

  • Another awesome school at a great location!!

July 18/19 “In-Depth” School Miller Meadows, NS

  • Loved being back in Canada to conduct schools! Great weekend working with awesome students!

July 23/24 “In-Depth” School Pontypool, ON

  • Awesome time working with these students at a great location! 

July 25/26 “In-Depth” School Melita, Manitoba 

  • Two awesome days of huge skills improvements for the riders! Trail conditions were perfect!!

August 22 “In-Depth” School Barryton, MI

  • An awesome weekend at a venue that we love to conduct a school at every year!  Heaps of skills improvements from the students. 

September 13 “In-Depth” School Winterset, IA 

  • Awesome weekend and Great improvements were made by each student!!

September 26 “In-Depth” School Laurens, SC 

  • Sensational weekend with this excellent group of students! 

November 7/8 “In-Depth” School Denver, NC

  • An awesome weekend at a venue that we love to conduct a school at every year! Great weather with heaps of fun! 

December 5/6 “In-Depth” School Sebastopol, CA

  • Two awesome days of huge skills improvements for the riders! Trail conditions were perfect!!

December 11/12 “In-Depth School Victorville, CA

  • Two sensational days in the So Cal high desert with these awesome students.