"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

The two-day DirtWise “Hardcore” Riding school is aimed at either the more dedicated riders and racers out there who have not attended a “regular” In-Depth DirtWise school before, or for previous graduates of our “regular” In-Depth DirtWise Riding schools, who wish to push themselves to the limit and maximize their race results and/or ability to conquer the more difficult trail situations they may face. Each student will be encouraged to really push their limits, and to get out of their general comfort zone in as safe an environment as each situation allows – the goal will be to provide each student the opportunity to reach new skill levels and attain those “break through” moments that define great skills progression and confidence gain for future application.

CLASS #3 IN TEXT - WHEELIE These schools will have a maximum number of 16 students and will focus on “Advanced level” instruction and skills application.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum age for this school will be 12 years old.
  • “A” and “B” skill level riders will find the HardCore school to be very appropriate for their learning and helping to fast track their skills improvement.
  • Certain higher skilled “C” level riders would also really benefit from the HardCore school, however it would be essential that they are motivated, determined, strong willed, and have good physical conditioning to really get the “value for money” from this course that we want each student to attain.
  • The HardCore school is not recommended for any rider who currently does not meet the above mentioned skill levels. Although, with each prospective HardCore student having read and understood the info we have provided here, ultimately it is their choice on whether to sign up and participate in this Advanced level training.

CLASS 3 IN TEXT ROOST Day 1 of the HardCore schools will consist of mastering the skills we work on during the later stages of Day 1, and most of Day 2, of our “In-Depth” DirtWise school, and then applying these skills to a section of trail. These skills include situations like drifting around flat turns, railing corner ruts, grinding, and conquering logs, steep hills and ravines. Every student will be really pushing their limits during these sessions! Day 2 of the HardCore schools will start as a continuation of the skills and trail situations from Day 1 before progressing into ‘lap times”. These sessions will place a high emphasis on increasing each student’s overall trail speed, plus they will also focus heaps on each student’s ability to analyze and utilize superior line selection, and to safely execute skills that require minimal margins of error. Stopwatch timing will be conducted to not only help demonstrate and reinforce the correct use of these techniques, but to also create an “intense pressure environment” to improve each rider’s ability to thrive in such situations thus alleviating many trail mistakes due to ineffective control of their emotions and lapses in concentration.   We will not be offering HardCore classes unless a group of riders (at least 6-8) are willing to each submit a deposit for such a school so as we can then go ahead and put it into our schedule. Generally, we now have our other main instructor Jason Thomas conduct any such HardCore schools that get scheduled in the future. The cost per student for a group HardCore class would be between $450-500.